If you remember “Notorious” then you will remember Dennis White. From the small screen to the big screen and now directing his own films, Mr. White is changing the face of the game as we know it. For all of the young actors, this one is for you! Read our full article below and let us know what you think.


Please tell our readers who you are?

Hello, I am Dennis L.A. White. I am an Actor. Most people know me at D-Roc from “Notorious” or Mistah Ray from “Parenthood”. I am also an Acting Coach. I travel the Country giving workshops and inspiring aspiring Actors.

What was it like to be a part of such a great film as ‘Notorious’?

Notorious was one of the best moments of my life. As an avid Biggie Smalls fan, to be part of his legacy is an honor. I learned so much and gained special friendships from members of the cast and crew that I will cherish for the rest of my life. We all came together to show the world how amazing Christopher Wallace was and how he touched so many people’s lives in such a short length of time. Look, I spoke and spent time with his Mother, Ms. Wallace. How cool is that? Her knowledge and spirit was breathtaking. I had someone come up to me and tell me that my role helped change his life. He was in rehab and my character’s motivation for Biggie helped him kick his habit. That had me speechless. Those are the type of stories that surround the importance of “Notorious” in our culture.

What are some other films/shows you have been on?

I’ve been blessed to be a working Actor for a long time. I started hosting at Fuse Television in 2002. I was the 1st African-American host on that network. From there, I was in “The Brave One”, “Dysfunctional Friends”, “The Closer”, “NYC 22”, “Changing The Game”, “Hollywood Divas”, “Let’s Talk about Pep”, “Law & Order: SVU”, “Small Apartments”, just to name a few.

Are there any films/shows you are currently working on?

I will be starring in a new film entitled, “Vault”. This is my first starring role and I am uber excited. I also will be a cast member of of TvOne’s “Hollywood Divas” spinoff, “The White Sistas”, as Countess Vaughn’s Husband. I will be co-starring and directing the film tackling the effects of bullying called, “A Childhood Lost”. There are several other projects that are in the works as well.

What is something most people do not know about you?

That I was a damn good baseball player. I had several scholarships coming out of High School. I decided to attend college, WSSU, on an academic scholarship instead. I sing. I love to cook. I have way too many pairs of shoes. I do a mean Louie Armstrong impression and I am a New England Patriots fan.

What advice can you give to other young actors starting out?

If you are serious about being an Actor, you need to look at it as a business first. Build your brand. Study your craft and keep your integrity.

What was it like being a part of a video game like ‘Def Jam Fight for NY’?

So frickin cool. I got that opportunity while I was hosting “Daily Download” on Fuse Television. Record Exec Kevin Liles was a guest on our show. We made a gentleman’s bet that if I beat him on the video game Vendetta 1 he would make me a character in Vendetta 2. Well, I won just as we were about to go off the air (I think he let me win). And he was a man of his word. I was “BAXTER”. I had to do voice and body capture in the studio. So much fun. Even though my character is the one that most people beat up to prepare for the better characters, it’s still an honor. LOL!

You are always working, how do you find time for yourself?

I just finished teaching one of my acting workshops and one of my students asked me the same question. I am the most happiest when I am working. What a pleasure to get paid doing what you love and always dreamed of. Of course, I have to balance work. I really enjoy being around my family and traveling. Music is my release.

What do you think about women and heels?

I love to see a Woman in a hot pair of shoes. Please believe that guys are aware of what a Woman wears on her feet. My biggest pet peeve is for a Woman to dress up for an evening out on the town and weaken her outfit by wearing flats. Trust me, I can imagine the stress and pain that heels can cause but you have to keep the sexy alive. On the flip side, there is nothing sexier than a Women in tights and a hot pair of Nikes. I think my favorite combo is when a Woman wears a solid color outfit and puts on a pair of vibrant color heels that pop. Sexy Supreme!

Where can our readers keep up with you?

I can be found at @Dennislawhite on instagram, twitter and facebook.

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