About Women and Shoes Magazine

About Women and Shoes Magazine

Ms Jai
C.E.O./Marketing Executive
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Women and Shoes Magazine is Atlanta’s premier fashion magazine empowering the everyday professional business woman while achieving her dreams and rocking the sexiest heels in shoe fashion of today!

*** WHO WE ARE? ***

Women and Shoes Magazine was founded by Ms Jai & Sarah-Schroka in December 2012. Ms Jai is the CEO of Msjaiinc Designs with a love for fashion & Sarah-Schroka is an upcoming model/actress. We were sitting around one day, talking about all the new shoe companies & how beautiful more shoes are as the years go by. Sarah-Schroka loves heels and wears them out whenever she gets the chance or even to cook dinner. Although Ms Jai does not wear heels she still appreciates the beauty of heels and how sexy they are. So we decided that being that there were no current companies that cater only to women & their love for shoes, we would be the first! There are many publications about shoes & even more about women so we are here to combine the two! We hope you love it!

*** WHAT WE DO? ***

Our main goal for Women and Shoes Magazine is to empower all women, no matter the color or size. Shoes are the universal shared love that women have and that will last forever. If a woman does not feel good about herself then nothing will feel right. This way we touch ALL women, even if you do not wear heels.


We all know a female who can’t leave the house without a sexy pair of heels on. For the average woman shoes are very important. When a woman puts on a pair of her favorite heels she feels sexy & confident. It’s a part of their femininity. Where there is a group of women who only wear tennis shoes, there will always be the love of heels by all. This magazine caters to just that…women & their love for heels.

We’ve chosen to start this magazine because although there are many publications that pertain to woman’s fashion, none are solely for women & shoes. This is what we are all about. If you love shoes, women and/or love women in shoes then this magazine is for you.