Ms. Brandi Mallory graced us with her presence this past Tuesday, July 22nd with an interview. Her experience on ABC’s ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ was a memorable episode which aired July 15, 2014. We attached clips of her successes along with a preview of her interview with Women and Shoes Magazine. Check out the upcoming 5th issue for the full interview & spread. If you have any questions for Ms. Brandi, please use her contact info below.


Brandi Mallory


Biography (snippet):

Brandi Elizabeth Mallory (born August 19, 1983) is an American makeup artist from Atlanta, Georgia. She began competing in beauty pageants at a mere 11 months old and held almost every major title – sometimes as many as three concurrently – until the age of 10, also appearing as a model and child actress in various publications and television shows, including “Sesame Street.”


Interview (snippet):

Q: Ms. Brandi Mallory, could you start by telling our readers a little bit about yourself?
A: Yes, I am 30 years old. I’m from Atlanta, Ga., born & raised. I’m currently a freelance makeup artist, getting into a little bit of motivational speaking & blogging. I participated on Extreme Weight Loss this past season where I was able to complete a triatholon, a half iron man which is 70.3 miles & I was able to meet & work with Ms. America as well as the band sugarland, moreso the guitar player, Thad Beatty. So, I’ve been afforded the opportunity do alot this past year & challenge myself alot all the while dropping 151 pounds.

Q: Oh wow! Congratulations on the weight loss!! I know it couldn’t have been easy.
A: It wasn’t easy at all but I tell you what, It was something that I kind of knew I needed to take care of. I just didn’t know how to start, where to begin, what to do & I just WANTED to change. I think that that’s something that you have to be ready to do, you have to be ready for the change that’s coming. It may, the pain & all the sucky part…it made it worth it.

Q: Well good. Good. So, is the show anything like you imagined it would be?
A: Anytime you are doing television it’s never what you imagined television to be because you only see what’s put in your face. You don’t really know the logistics behind everything. I think it’s probably about 50/50. I went into this expecting it to be different & interesting because it’s uncharted territory for me but at the same time the show is very true to what it is. It’s about a hero goes through a struggle, whether it be weight loss but on top of that weight loss, what else are they dealing with in their everyday life ’cause that’s what connects you to other human beings in the world. Everybody has these struggles that they go through & they don’t know how they are going to overcome them. All while having other stuff that they have going on. Whether it be you’re trying to get further advanced in your career but your 350 pounds & you know those 350 pounds are going to hold you back. Unfortunately, a lot of people are judgmental & the first thing that they see is your weight or your appearance and they can judge you based off of that.  So, I think that the show is great for helping the person going through that kind of just break down the importance & their value. What it is that they want & they want to see in themselves instead of focusing on what other people are predetermined put on them.

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