As your potential stylist we want to know everything about you (just kidding), we want to know everything about your personal style. What’s working and what isn’t? What is it about your current wardrobe that keeps you uninspired? Do you subconciously pick out similar patterns when you shop without noticing?


As your potential stylist we want to evaluate your good and bad shopping habits. Do you mainly shop online because department stores fear you with all it’s options? Do you find yourself starting all over again everytime you shop (figuring out your sizes, what pant fit works for you) and the mist of it all gets fustrating.


When you do shop to grab a thing or two, where do you go? These stores are your go to, to get a quick fix for a get together or an event. There is a particular reason why this store gives you that quick fix. Is it the convience? The fittings? The quality? The price points?



Your sizes of course is one of the most important factors. If you haven’t done a ton of shopping for yourself in the past year or two, there’s a big chance you may not know your current sizes. The body tends to change- whether it’s gaining or losing weight, or even growing an inch or two. Life happens..but you don’t have to look like it!




Realistically we talk about your budgeting for a stylist. As your potential stylist we want to make sure that you can afford our services. It is essentially important to us that you can live comfortably and stylishly.


Last by not least, what’s your budget in terms of shopping? We typically try to get an idea of what you’d spend on an entire outfit if you were to shop for yourself; this would include: shoes, pants, top, and a jacket. Reasons why we get deep into such a topic because we want to make sure that the stores we shop together stay within your budget.
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With that being said our Revise Your Style consultation is a FREE consultation that more than likely takes place over the phone. As your potential stylist we want to know your wants, needs and concerns before meeting. We want to have an idea of your personal style, and help you get over your fears so you can look great and feel even better!

Now are YOU ready to Revise your Style for the new season!? We have just a few RYS consultation spots available. Book yours now and start your process of standing out and feeling confident in what you wear effortlessly. Let’s help you add “umph” into your wardrobe.