With a creative blend of classic styles and trendy phrases inspired by popular culture, 1st Kings Apparel brings an exciting new T-shirt line to the faith-based community. Founder, Ashley Lounds, recognizes the importance of spreading positive messages through fashion and her personal life experiences influenced the decision to launch 1st Kings Apparel. “God has showed himself strong in my life and it is my goal to do the same for him. I want my life to reflect his glory,” she says. Using fun lyrical references and hashtags like #WontHeDoit made popular by celebrity favorites, 1st Kings Apparel is poised to be a mega hit among fashion enthusiasts of all facets.

The brand recently launched a Tee Spring campaign in promotion of their new limited edition design that features the phrase “I woke up like this” from Beyonce’s meg hit “Flawless” and an image that is kneeling down in prayer. Visit to check out their full collection.

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